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Personal Training

Our workouts can be indoor or outdoor and will include kettlebells, resistance tubes, bodyweight, straps, bars, stability challenges and more because your body needs variety to keep making progress. Whether you are training for a competition, wanting to lose bodyfat, gain muscle, or improve general health, I've got you covered!

I want to work with you to identify realistic goals and make sure you stay on track to meet them. My level of commitment with all of my clients is 100%.

Together we will succeed in reaching your goals. Let's do this!

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Online Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Online Training and Nutrition programs are very effective for people who don't have time to meet with a trainer, but need the accountability and details to succeed with their fitness goals.

After your initial in-personal weigh-in (where possible), you will use a computer and/or phone-based app to access your workouts and nutrition plans. Each week you post your weight and photos into your account. Based on those results, your programs will be revised so that you continue to make progress. You will be cooking your food for fresh meals daily. Once your payment is received you will be sent New Client forms to get started.